domestic flat roof installation

Domestic Flat Roof Installation in Liverpool

Our latest flat roofing project took us to the town of Maghull, Merseyside to install a new flat roofing system for a domestic roof. Now, we know it’s not the best news to have someone say that you need a new roof, but when your GRP roof decides to fail, you have no option so while you’re there it’s always wise to think of other flat roofing systems that provide you with more reliability at a reasonable cost. That way you can hope it doesn’t fail next time.

Domestic Flat Roof Installation in Merseyside

There are many factors that contribute to a damaged flat roof beyond repair, and most often it’s either frequent leaking and ponding, roof material blistering, exposed layers or rotting framework. We cannot stress the importance of regular maintenance to your flat roof, so instead of us rambling on about it throughout this article, be sure to check out our insightful article – 5 signs that your flat roof requires maintenance. Good roof maintenance can save a flat roof for another decade two.

The Process

domestic flat roof in process

Domestic Flat Roof Installation in Progress!

With that being said, our client with the failing flat roof system, previously had a GRP roof installed. GRP refers to Glass Reinforced Plastic, a material that consists of a polyester resin which is then reinforced by chopped strand mat glass fibres, to form a GRP laminate. This is more commonly known as a Fibreglass roofing system. Depending on your own project when it comes to a flat roof, there are various systems you can choose from. If you require assistance on knowing which would be the best, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to advise the best solution.

We decided to install the Armourplan system, which is a polyester reinforced PVC single ply roofing membrane. It is ideally suited to various roofing applications for flat roofs. Armourplan provides flexibility which allows the material to be formed to fit ideally and therefore ensures the flat roof installation is fully waterproofed. It has become increasingly popular over recent months and it’s no wonder we’re undertaking this type of flat roofing application on many domestic and commercial properties.

The Outcome

Check out the finished product! It has a 15 year guarantee and we’re confident it will serve our customer, Mr Simm very well for years and years. If you have any questions regarding flat roofing, don’t hesitate to browse our site to get additional information and if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, we’d be more than happy to help.

finished domestic flat roof installation

The finished flat roof installation on a domestic property in Liverpool.