flat roof installation in Birmingham

Flat Roof Refurbishment in Birmingham

Just Flat Roofing have been busy recently, spreading some flat roof magic across Liverpool as well as the West Midlands. But let’s give you a quick run down of flat roofing before we dive in to our latest case study.

Flat roofing provides many benefits, not only for residential properties but for commercial properties too, so it’s no wonder many businesses are choosing to invest in flat roofing systems. One of the main benefits is the fact it provides you with more space, so if you have air conditioning units, or thinking of installing solar panels, or you even want to create a roof top garden, installing a flat roof makes it all possible. They are also more accessible than sloped roofs, so repairs and maintenance become much easier.

Flat Roof Installation in Birmingham

Just Flat Roofing partnered up with Charles Evans Shop-fitters to complete a flat roof refurbishment for an old cinema situated in Birmingham. The Liverpool based company specialise in shop fitting and joinery manufacturing and with over 120 years of expertise and experience.

The Process

peeling back the temporary Visqueen as we go

Peeling back the temporary Visqueen as we go

The old cinema roof was in need of some uplifting and the most effective solution was to use an Armourplan membrane mechanically fixed to plywood. Armourplan is a polyester reinforced PVC membrane and provides exceptional performance. It is extremely versatile and reliable which is why it’s used on a wide range of roofing applications.

A builder at Charles Evans had never seen Armourplan before and with a huge positive impression made, it’s likely Charles Evans Shop Fitters will now use the Armourplan solution on all future projects rather than felt. This is because there is no naked flame used and therefore no risk of fire damage.

The last step of the flat roof refurbishment can be seen in the above image, where we had to peel back temporary Visqueen. Visqueen is a brand of polyethylene plastic sheeting which provides support and protection, and it is extremely reliable. It’s essentially a waterproof plastic sheet that protects the roofing membrane from water and other materials which may cause disruption during application.

The Finished Product

flat roof finished product

We present the fully installed flat roof for the cinema. If you have any queries regarding flat roofing or anything we’ve touch upon throughout this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re only a call away for all of your flat roofing needs.