flat roof construction in Formby Sefton

Flat roof replacement in Formby

This job is a great example of the way a modern single ply flat roof system can be ideal for an older property in terms of performance whilst really updating the appearance of the property without looking out of place.

Our customer had a large old extension at the rear of their property, the tiled roof had become quite damaged and the timber sub structure also needed to be replaced. We needed a suitable solution to construct a new low incline roof that would last for years & be a credit to the property.

Tiles are not an ideal solution for a roof like this, the incline is too low and it will be too easily waterlogged leading to leaking & the slow destruction of the timber & property below. We wanted a roofing solution that performs ideally at a lower incline and would suit but update the looks of the property. The plans included 2 skylight windows to allow more natural light into the extension and a new superior layer of insulation to improve energy efficiency.

flat roof construction timber frame in Merseyside

A brand new timber frame, ready for the insulation & finally the roof surface

We installed an Armourplan fully adhered single ply membrane roofing system with standing seam profiles which help run off & give the appearance of a more traditional lead roof. This system comes with a guarantee of up to 20 years and can tolerate an incredible range of temperatures and conditions and keep on performing just fine. It was delivered at a fraction of the cost of a traditional tiled or lead roof and yet looks fantastic and is likely to outperform either.

completed construction of new flat roof

The result is a very smart and cost effective flat roof, sealed tight against the elements and ready to last for decades.

Our customer was delighted and agreed that the new roof is the crowning jewel of their home renovation project. If you’re interested in a flat roofing job, why not take a look at our flat roofing services, we serve customers in Liverpool and across the North West, check out our service area or if you’d like some advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.