flat roof for sandstone building

Schoolhouse pool roof extension Knowsley

This was an unusual and interesting job. We were called to a 200 year old schoolhouse being converted into a fabulous home. Part of the renovation works involved installing an indoor swimming pool (it’s okay to be a bit jealous) which of course needed a high performance flat roof.

A flat roof that matches the style of a 200 year old building

As you might imagine, appropriateness was a big part of the planning requirements for restoration of this sandstone listed building. We had to plan a roof that would be discrete, tidy and match the dark slate roof tiles found on the high-incline parts of the roof. Luckily the smart people designing modern roofing materials make advanced roofing membranes in a range of colours including dark slate. If we planned to make the edging and joints discrete and used the right single ply membrane material, we were sure our roof would look the part.

A flat roof that performs above a heated pool

You expect a roof to fend off the moisture coming at it from the outside and you’ll be pleased to hear we took that into account when planning our pool house roof. We also had to take account of the fact that this roof will be covering a heated pool. This required changes to the standard flat roof underlying structure and additional ventilation features to ensure the water from within didn’t become our roof’s biggest problem. It takes some experience and training to properly install a high performance roof when there are unique considerations to be taken into account. Our installation is designed to work perfectly as a poorhouse roof and comes with our 15 year guarantee as standard.

The roofing system is based on PVC single ply membrane, a highly durable material that when properly installed can be attractive and neat, creating a perfect seal. We often install PVC membrane systems from Sic Armourplan, leaders in quality membrane roofing.

domestic flat roof in process

We achieved nice tidy edge joints

The Outcome

We’re very pleased with the outcome, the modern materials don’t look too shiny and artificial and the joints are as discrete and sharp as we’d hoped. It wasn’t the easiest area to work but now our customer has a high quality roof installation, they can expect to keep maintenance visits to a minimum over the next 20 years or more.

If you’ve got an usual flat roofing job in mind and would like to speak to a roofer with plenty of experience, we’d be more than happy to help, just contact us.

Finished flat roof overlay

The finished pool roof extension in Knowsley