Flat Roofing for your home

A complete flat roofing service

There are more flat roofs in and around the homes of Liverpool than you might think. You do of course have all flat or slight incline roofed houses but these are not common, mostly we find them on garages, porches and conservatories. Nevertheless we’ve installed flat roofs on a variety of unusual and interesting home extensions, garden offices and pool houses.

A properly installed modern flat roof can make a fantastic difference to an older property in more than just looks. A good flat roof will completely protect your home from leakage and moisture whilst allowing appropriate ventilation for the rooms inside. A well insulated flat roof can be extremely energy efficient which is of course important for flat roofs at home.

There are a wide variety of flat roofing materials and systems available to our customers. We specialise in modern synthetic roofing materials which deliver impressive protection from the elements and are extremely durable. Flat roofing systems can replace an existing flat roof but there are also a range of roof overlay systems that build an outer protective layer over an existing roof which can reduce building costs without compromising performance.

Choosing the right solution for your home flat roof can be tricky as is choosing the right roofing firm. That’s why we offer helpful advice & free no obligation estimates to those who enquire with us. We seek to offer reliable information and help explore options with potential customers to assist in an informed decision that’s right for them. If you’ve a flat roofing matter on your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Flat Roofing Services

Flat roof build/re-roof

If you need a new flat roof for your garage, extension or bay window we can help. Perhaps you have decided to upgrade your roof to provide better waterproofing or maybe your old roofing material is beyond repair. Choosing the right flat roof solution can be a complex business, whatever the reason get in touch and we will be happy to advise on the most suitable & cost effective solution for your home.

Flat roof repair

Damage to your flat roof can cause problems below due to leaks and so it’s best to deal with issues quickly. In many cases flat roofs can be repaired properly, resolving the issue and reducing any further damage to the roof and room below. If your flat roof is leaking or you’ve found splits/blisters or water is ponding on your roof give us a call for free, no obligation advice on the best solution.

Roof overlay systems

Flat roofs can, in some cases, be refurbished using a roof overlay system. This saves the cost of stripping the old roofing material, is more environmentally friendly and can be completed faster than installing a new roof. The old flat roof needs to be structurally sound in order for an overlay system to be used so if you’d like to find out if this is an option for your flat roof call us and we’ll be happy to help.

Roof insulation

Insulation is an important consideration for many flat roofs, fortunately there are a range of highly effective options for any flat roofing need. A well insulated flat roof also needs to breathe properly to ensure a long and trouble free life, experienced flat roofers will plan this aspect carefully in addition to the insulation itself.

All flat roofing work

We have decades of experience in all aspects of flat roofing from hospitals to warehouses, pool houses to out houses. No matter how large or small the job if it involves a flat roof then we can help.

Installation & repair to facias, soffits & gutters

Whether you need new facias, soffit boards or gutters for your flat roof or your existing ones are in need of repair you can rely on us to get the job done efficiently and with as little inconvenience to your home as possible.

General building as part of roof project

When the roofing project requires other disciplines Just Flat Roofing are well equipped to handle every aspect of the job. We ourselves have all the building skills needed when installing flat roofs but also have long-established relationships with trusted specialists, electricians and plumbers who can provide any additional work as part of delivering your roofing project.

About Roof Overlay Systems

Roof overlay systems are built on top of an existing roof (after some preparation work) to provide a new insulative layer and a weatherproof outer protection. Not all roofs are suitable for an overlay system and only some roofing materials are able to be used as an overlay. GRP (fibreglass) is an excellent flat roofing material but cannot be used as an overlay, it requires brand new substrate.

We offer built up felt roofing which employs a 2 layer system which provides excellent insulation in addition to being very durable. This can be applied directly over existing felt roof making it a convenient and cost effective way to enhance a felt roof without the need for more major building works.

We offer excellent flat roof overlay systems with the following materials

  • PVC (single ply membrane)
  • EPDM (rubber roofing)
  • 2 layer felt