New flat roof

Getting a new flat roof

We find flat or low-incline roofing serving their purpose for all kinds of properties as we’re working on flat roofing in the Liverpool area. Whether it be a little porch roof or a whole property there are massive benefits from getting a new flat roof installed and especially if you’re seeing signs that your current flat roof requires maintenance or repair.

Materials and installation systems have advanced significantly over the last 15 years and flat roofs today are better than they’ve ever been. Many high performance materials developed for industry have filtered down to the domestic market increasing the options for customers.

So if a flat roof makes up part of your property, maybe it’s time to consider replacing it with something that makes a great deal of difference.

Why get a new flat roof?

  • Protect your property from leaking or damage
  • Improve insulation and save energy
  • Roofing technology has moved on, you get a lot more for performance your money these days
  • New flat roofs look great, your property will look all the better for years to come
  • New options for skylight windows, conservatory roofs and other ways to allow sunlight into the room
  • New options for lighting built into your roof including app-controlled smart lighting systems
  • Increase the value of your property

Advice on getting a quote for a new flat roof

  • Take some good pictures of the roof from as many angles as possible. Take a few inside too and if there’s any damage, get some shots of that too
  • Write out a message to a roofer that explains the damage (maybe in your phone notes)
  • Find some good specialist flat roofers who serve your area. Look for plenty of experience, make sure they offer a range of roofing materials and options and that they’re properly trained and insured.
  • Go to their website contact form, paste your message from notes and upload your best set of photos
  • When you receive your replies, prepare a set of questions about exactly what each roofer plans to do for you. Ask them the questions on the phone, note down what they say in detail if possible. Talk to them about their intentions and ask why they recommend this or that feature. Taking the cheapest quote is likely to leave you with the worst roof. You want to work out which tradesmen will pay attention to the details, use the best materials and deliver an ideal flat roof for a reasonable price. There’s no easy solution to this problem, if there were, then bad tradesmen would get no work. Our advice is to ask questions and make your own mind up

How do I know what sort of flat roof I want?

Looking to determine exactly which roofing system you want based on online research is a bit like diagnosing yourself of an illness in the same way. You could get it right but really it takes a professional to get it right reliably. It’s still a great idea to read up about different flat roofing systems and get a basic knowledge, it will help you talk to roofers about their plans. When it comes to evaluating your particular roofing requirement, there are so many factors to account for and practical details about roofing materials to think about, only an experienced roofer can consider them all and come out with the right answer for you.

We recommend having some ideas for your roof, get aware of the main differences between roofing materials and find some good flat roofing companies. Find one you can trust and then trust their advice about the sort of flat roof you have. If you’ve chosen right, they’ll know more about flat roofing than you ever will and are in the best position to make a sound long term judgement.

If you’re looking for some advice about your flat roof, we’re always happy to help just drop us some information and preferably a few pictures through our contact page to get the conversation started.