Emergency flat roofing

Roof repair during coronavirus

During the coronavirus epidemic we’ve all had to make some big changes. As such our flat roofing services cannot continue without changes but we’ve adjusted how we do things to ensure we can still operate.

Our coronavirus policy

We are able to attend any flat roofing job where it’s possible to maintain reasonable social distance between us and our customer and that the nature of the job doesn’t require our team to be too large. Each job will be assessed from a virus point of view before we are able to accept it.

Our precautions if we attend a job during coronavirus social distancing

  • We will prepare the work to ensure we limit contact with our customer, members of the public and the time we spend in indoor spaces used by others.
  • We kindly ask all of our customers to let us know if anyone in the household is experiencing symptoms. In these cases we will be able to assist in emergency roof repairs and will take additional measures to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff.
  • We will take steps to distances ourselves from each other where possible & will be following strict cleaning procedures for ourselves, our gear and our van interiors.
  • We will all be strictly following the social distancing guidelines when we’re not at work to reduce the risk for all of us.

Got a question about your roofing job? We’re still very much able to handle enquiries at this time, so even if we can’t attend your job right away, we can certainly discuss it and get it scheduled in for more normal times.

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