Commercial Flat Roofing

Flat roofing for commercial and industrial premises

Flat roofing is an immensely popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings. There are many reasons why it is an obvious choice for entrepreneurs. Perhaps most importantly, it costs less. Yet, it also maximises horizontal interior space, useful in warehouses and superstores. It is in general more structurally sound as it is easier to stabilise a flat roof than a sloped roof, particularly for large buildings. It is also far easier and safer to inspect, allowing businesses to abide by safety regulations without spending a lot of money.

Why choose Just Flat Roofing?

At Just Flat Roofing, your commercial flat roof is in safe hands. Not only are we fully licensed, all of our employees are adequately insured, protecting your business against liability for accidents during the construction or maintenance of your roof. During years of experience building solid and strong commercial flat roofs we have also built a solid and strong reputation across the North West of England. Furthermore we are committed to continuous professional development, vital to give our skilled workers the expertise to install the latest and best flat roofing materials.

Just Flat Roofing is known for providing a good service. We take the time needed to assess your businesses needs and fully explain and consider the various options available to you. Our workmen know their trade and will fit your chosen flat roofing system with care and the attention to detail required to ensure a durable and weatherproof roof. All contractors will guarantee your roof, yet a guarantee is only as good as your contractor. We not only offer guarantees, we honour them, as a matter of professional pride. Any problems you may encounter before the guarantee expires will be dealt with efficiently and successfully, saving both your business and ours from unnecessary hassle.

We are:

  • Fully licensed
  • Properly insured
  • Proud of our reputation for high standards
  • Committed to continuous professional development

Flat Roofing Guarantees

Material Just Flat Roofing Guarantee Technical product guarantee backed by supplier Guarantee period
Felt 10 years
Rubber (EPDM) 15 years
PVC 15-20 years
GRP 15-20 years
SIG Membrane 15-20 years
Liquid 15-20 years

For roofing materials not covered here please contact us.
Disclaimer: We install quality flat roofs that will last for years, our guarantee is offered in good faith and covers failure of materials or installation. Guarantees are invalidated by customer misuse or improper care. Just Flat Roofing will always give proper advice that will need to be followed for the guarantee to be valid in the event of an issue.