Flat roof overlay systems

About Roof Overlay Systems

Roof overlay systems are built on top of an existing roof (after some preparation work) to provide a new insulative layer and a weatherproof outer protection. Not all roofs are suitable for an overlay system and only some roofing materials are able to be used as an overlay. GRP (fibreglass) is an excellent flat roofing material but cannot be used as an overlay, it requires brand new substrate.

We offer built up felt roofing which employs a 2 layer system which provides excellent insulation in addition to being very durable. This can be applied directly over existing felt roof making it a convenient and cost effective way to enhance a felt roof without the need for more major building works.

We offer excellent flat roof overlay systems with the following materials:

  • PVC (single ply membrane)
  • EPDM (rubber roofing)
  • 2 layer felt

Benefits of a roof overlay system

Choosing a roof overlay system can have some big benefits as the solution to different flat roofing challenges.

  • Much cheaper than a new roof
  • Far more effective than continuing with regular repairs to an old roof
  • Can drastically increase insulating properties

Not every roof can support a roof overlay system and not every problem can be best solved with one. If you’d like some advice about the options for your roofing project, we are happy to offer our advice to help you decide, just contact us and let us know all about it.

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Our customers get free estimates and advice before deciding on a flat roofing solution. We encourage you to send us some pictures and a description of your issue through our contact page. We aim to get back to you with an estimate or to arrange a site visit within 24 hours.

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