Flat roof repair

Need to restore a flat roof to great working condition? We can help.

A well installed flat roof should last for years without a problem, but in the end any roof will eventually start to need maintenance and repair. It’s always best to keep an eye and look for any signs that your flat roof needs maintenance. You won’t need us to remind you that it’s best to fix a small problem with a roof and not wait until it turns into a big one.

When you’ve got a deteriorating roof, the problem you see may not be all there is to it. You need a qualified and experienced roofer to get to the bottom of the problem. A great repair will fully undo any damage to the structure and interior, make sure the exterior is sealed and weatherproof and make sure any underlying cause is found and sorted out. For example a leaking roof caused by pooling in one area can be repaired without preventing the pooling problem in the future. By correctly re-setting the frame or adjusting the surface material, a repair will ensure that the roof drains fully and properly.

Whatever your flat roofing issue, we will be able to work out the best approach to repair whether it’s a simple job or a more complex one. We are experienced in working with a wide variety of flat roofing types and materials including rubber roofing, fibreglass, single ply membrane and good old fashioned felt roofing. If you need to talk to someone about a flat roof repair we invite you to contact us.


We offer a full range of flat roof repair services

  • Leaking roof repairs
  • Damaged membrane or felt
  • Damp getting through
  • Insulation improvements
  • Flat roof overlay systems

Why choose us for your flat roof repair and maintenance?

Just Flat Roofing is a company with a long history in both commercial and residential flat roofing, we’ve spent decades building and repairing flat roofs. That’s why today we specialise in what we do best and offer just flat roofing services to the people of Liverpool and the Northwest. If you need to find a company to help with a flat roof repair, why not trust a company that does nothing else?

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Our customers get free estimates and advice before deciding on a flat roofing solution. We encourage you to send us some pictures and a description of your issue through our contact page. We aim to get back to you with an estimate or to arrange a site visit within 24 hours.

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