Flat Roofing for your home

There are more flat roofs in and around the homes of Liverpool than you might think. There are some homes that have all flat or slight incline roofed houses but these are not common, mostly we find them on garages, porches, conservatories. Nevertheless we’ve installed flat roofs on a variety of unusual and interesting home extensions, garden offices and pool houses.

A properly installed modern flat roof can make a fantastic difference to an older property in more than just looks. A good flat roof will completely protect your home from leakage and moisture whilst allowing appropriate ventilation for the rooms inside. A well insulated flat roof can be extremely energy efficient which is of course important for flat roofs at home.

Choosing the right solution for your home flat roof can be tricky as is choosing the right roofing firm. That’s why we offer helpful advice & free no obligation estimates to those who enquire with us. We seek to offer reliable information and help explore options with potential customers to assist in an informed decision that’s right for them. If you’ve a flat roofing matter on your mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Types of flat roofing

We are experienced in the widest range of flat roofing systems and materials including high performance single ply membrane roofing which works as well for home flat roofing as it does for Commercial buildings. We work with our customers to determine the ideal type of flat roof for their needs for the long term to ensure they’ll be happy year after year.

Take a look at the roofing materials used in home flat roofing today.

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Our customers get free estimates and advice before deciding on a flat roofing solution. We encourage you to send us some pictures and a description of your issue through our contact page. We aim to get back to you with an estimate or to arrange a site visit within 24 hours.

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