swimming pool on flat roof

the Best flat roof in Liverpool?

A luxury hotel developer decides to invest in a renovation of Bootle’s Daniel House that will leave it with a rooftop restaurant and lounge area, plus swimming pool. Now we’re very proud of the work we’ve done with flat roofing in Liverpool but we have to admit we’ve not yet created anything of this scale.

For us this will win ‘best flat roof in Liverpool’ because there’s really nothing else like it in the area. Lawrence Kenwright from developers Signature Living summed it up best…

Imagine a summer’s evening with Daniel House residents on the roof. Some people are drinking wine and enjoying the stunning views across the Mersey, and others are swimming in the pool. That can be a reality soon.Lawrence Kenwright | Signature Living
roof terrace above Liverpool

We’ve scanned the rooftops of Liverpool’s homes and commercial buildings on Google Maps but have so far found no evidence of a rooftop swimming pool or even a roof garden. We heard there may be a pool coming to the roof of The Shankly Hotel but we’re not sure if that’s happening.

The Daniel House development is part of a wider plan to transform the centre of Bootle with a range of infrastructure and property development projects. As a Bootle based flat roofing company, we are delighted by the idea and excited at the prospect of building new flat roofs as part of this development.

flat roof bootle

Got a better flat roof?

If you think your flat roof is better, please do send us a pic or post it on our Facebook page.

We will certainly comment and if we get a few, we can have a vote.

We’re enthusiastic about great flat roofing projects, if you’ve got a little roof garden or even a swimming pool in mind feel free to contact us we’d be happy to help.