Types of flat roofing

A roof takes the full force of the elements, day after day, year after year. Flat roofs can take even more punishment than a high incline roof so it really matters what it’s made of and how it’s installed. Through the years, many materials and methods have been employed to construct a flat roof and the advancement continues to this day.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of some of the modern membrane roofing materials but there’s certainly a time and place for a good old felt roof. There’s no such thing as the best material, each have different properties and installation options. We work a wide variety of roofing materials and methods and understand when best to use them.

Below you can find out a bit more about some of the main groups of flat roofing materials we use.

Flat roofing materials we work with

Rubber RoofingRubber flat roofing

EPDM or rubber roofing used to be considered a new and radical roofing method in the U.K but it’s been proven since the 70’s and has been found to deliver great performance. Find out more about EPDM rubber roofing.

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Felt RoofingFelt Flat Roofing

This traditional roofing method still has a place in the modern home or garden. The technology behind felt roofing has moved on keeping it competitive with other roofing materials for some applications.

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Single Ply MembraneSingle ply membrane flat roofing

Single-ply-membrane roofing isn’t just one material, there are many different types and installation systems. They are applied in sheets of extremely durable material and bonded together to make a weather tight seal.

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Fibreglass RoofingFibreglass flat roofing

Another classic roofing material, fibreglass or GRP has been through the test of time and lasted. In the right situation a fibreglass roof can outperform other flat roofing materials being light, strong and cheap to repair.

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Liquid RoofingLiquid flat roofing

Popular on commercial buildings but used on some homes, liquid roofing involves spreading a coating onto the surface of the roof and bonding a protective membrane within it before it sets.

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