Felt Roofing

An introduction to felt roofing

Felt Roofing (also known as roll roofing and Bitumen Flat Roofing) refers to the use of roofing felt to underlay other building materials, such as bitumen or asphalt, separating the roof covering from the deck, allowing water to run off and providing an extra layer of protection from damaging weather. The term ‘felt’ refers to the historical method of using unwoven fabric, often wool, to make thick, rigid material by matting fibres using pressure. The roofing felt used in flat roofing can be organic, rag fibre (hessian) or cellulose fibres (wood or jute) like traditional felt yet is now almost entirely inorganic, such as polyester, fibreglass and asbestos. Asbestos is now, of course, obsolete and since its invention in the 1950s fibreglass was the most common material used. Recently, polyester mat has been growing in popularity as it is stronger than fibreglass.

Felt roofing diagram

A diagram showing the layers in felt flat roofing

The layers of felt roofing

Felt roofing consists of many layers to provide optimum waterproofing whilst remaining breathable and looking good. These ensure that the base layer of the roof is protected, aid water protection and protect from the weather. Chippings are added as the final layer on top of the felt. These protect the roof from sun damage yet they also weigh it down enough to protect against wind damage. Felt roofing is generally applied hot, using heated bitumen and gas torches but can also be applied cold. This is a safer alternative yet is only really suitable for small repairs or shed roofs as it is more time consuming and delicate.

Benefits of felt roofing

  • Cost-effective & good value for money
  • High performance and reliable
  • Relatively breathable
  • Minimal risk of condensation

Flat Roofing Guarantees

Material Just Flat Roofing Guarantee Technical product guarantee backed by supplier Guarantee period
Felt 10 years
Rubber (EPDM) 15 years
PVC 15-20 years
GRP 15-20 years
SIG Membrane 15-20 years
Liquid 15-20 years

For roofing materials not covered here please contact us.
Disclaimer: We install quality flat roofs that will last for years, our guarantee is offered in good faith and covers failure of materials or installation. Guarantees are invalidated by customer misuse or improper care. Just Flat Roofing will always give proper advice that will need to be followed for the guarantee to be valid in the event of an issue.

Just Flat Roofing – Felt flat roofs

Felt Roofing is a great option for smaller domestic projects and certain larger commercial enterprises. The thickness of each layer may vary depending on the needs of each individual project and the climate so it is best installed by a professional and experienced expert. At Just Flat Roofing, we can offer careful consultation and precise, bespoke installation. At Just Flat Roofing, we know what works where and when.

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