Fibreglass Roofing

What is fibreglass roofing?

Fibreglass roofing can potentially outlive the building it covers. It makes use of glass reinforced polyester and is therefore also called GRP. GRP is made by adding glass fibres to polyester resin, layering the fibres in alternate directions to achieve the desired strength and rigidity. It creates a very strong and light material that is naturally watertight. It is not affected by ‘diminishing repairability’ in the way other roofing membranes are – repairs can be made just as simply after several decades of use. Fibreglass roofing is also attractive and suitable for a wide variety of roof coverings.

Fibreglass roofing diagram

A diagram showing the layers of fibreglass roofing

Types of GRP system

Glass Reinforced Polyester is used for flat roofing in two main ways. The most common is the ‘wet-lay’ system, where the roof base is used as a mould for an on site application of GRP. This method is similar to boat-building. GRP roofing can also be pre-fabricated in controlled factory conditions allowing a faster and more flexible installation. This is called the ‘component based membrane system’. It can help to mitigate the issue that GRP must be fitted in dry weather conditions by speeding up the process. Both systems are cold applied and gives a seamless, flexible, weatherproof finish that is resistant to rain, snow, heat and ice. As you can make a GRP roof in a wide variety of colours and styles and it is suitable for frequent footfall, it is great for balconies and terraces.

Benefits of fibreglass roofing

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Attractive with exceptional detailing capabilities
  • Flexible and versatile
  • Long service life
  • Very durable - resists heavy foot traffic
  • Fire retardant
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to repair
  • Recyclable at end of service life (as long as provided by responsible manufacturer)

Flat Roofing Guarantees

Material Just Flat Roofing Guarantee Technical product guarantee backed by supplier Guarantee period
GRP 15-20 years
Felt 10 years
Rubber (EPDM) 15 years
PVC 15-20 years
SIG Membrane 15-20 years
Liquid 15-20 years

For roofing materials not covered here please contact us.
Disclaimer: We install quality flat roofs that will last for years, our guarantee is offered in good faith and covers failure of materials or installation. Guarantees are invalidated by customer misuse or improper care. Just Flat Roofing will always give proper advice that will need to be followed for the guarantee to be valid in the event of an issue.

Just Flat Roofing – Fibreglass roofing

A properly fitted fibreglass roof will last for a minimum of 30 years with no measurable deterioration. At Just Flat Roofing we ensure that fibreglass roofing is fitted in the right conditions, dry and not below 5°C. Just Flat Roofing contractors have tried and tested the various methods, during decades of experience delivering large-scale industrial projects and domestic roofing solutions across Liverpool, including Knowsley, Crosby and Speak.

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