Liquid Roofing

An introduction to liquid roofing

Liquid roofing is the application of a fully bonded, protective waterproof coating as the final layer of your roofing system. The practice has existed since the 19th Century at least, when material such as jute, straw or rag felt were combined with natural bitumen to protect roofs from the elements. It evolved into a commercial activity in the early 1900s with the use of molten rubber. Since the 60s and 70s more complex and effective materials have been used, including acrylics, acrylic emulsions, unsaturated polyester mixes and styrene butadines. These materials still provide the base for the emulsified flexible polyurethane systems or synthetic rubber types, defined as ETAs, used today in the latest liquid roof coating innovations.

Liquid roofing diagram

A diagram showing the layers of liquid flat roofing

Common applications for liquid roofing

Liquid roofing is particularly suitable for repairing and refurbishing roofs at low cost. They can be applied to almost any substrate, bonding fully with a seamless finish, preserving whatever material is underneath and protecting it from further damage. Liquid roofing has been especially successful when refurbishing asbestos roofs as attempting to remove asbestos can damage it, releasing the toxic material that causes asbestosis. Applying a liquid coating has the opposite affect, sealing the harmful material within and guaranteeing safety. Liquid roofing is mostly applied cold, negating fire risk that is possible with other roofing techniques. It can also be applied in winter, curing rapidly even at extremely low temperatures.

Benefits of liquid roofing

  • Cost effective
  • High performance
  • Safe installation process
  • Safe way to refurbish asbestos roofs
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures

Flat Roofing Guarantees

Material Just Flat Roofing Guarantee Technical product guarantee backed by supplier Guarantee period
Liquid 15-20 years
Felt 10 years
Rubber (EPDM) 15 years
PVC 15-20 years
SIG Membrane 15-20 years
GRP 15-20 years

For roofing materials not covered here please contact us.
Disclaimer: We install quality flat roofs that will last for years, our guarantee is offered in good faith and covers failure of materials or installation. Guarantees are invalidated by customer misuse or improper care. Just Flat Roofing will always give proper advice that will need to be followed for the guarantee to be valid in the event of an issue.

Just Flat Roofing – Liquid roofing

Although liquid roofing is relatively simple to apply, care and experience are needed to maximise the lifespan. With the right material, expertly applied, you can expect a 25 year lifespan from your liquid roofing, at 70% of the average cost of overall roof replacement in refurbishment situations. With some types of liquid substrate it is best to add a loose layer of reinforcement fabric between coats, such as glass fibre or polyester fleece, to strengthen the roof, whilst others already contain fibrous material to achieve this extra durability. Decades of experience delivering large-scale industrial projects and domestic roofing solutions across Liverpool, have given us at Just Flat Roofing the know-how to guarantee the seamless finish and fine workmanship that liquid roofing requires.

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