Rubber Roofing

An introduction to EPDM rubber roofing

Rubber flat roofing, or EPDM rubber roofing, is a popular type of flat roofing as it generally provides everything you need: long-lasting and low maintenance flat roofing at a good price.
EPDM flat roof systems installed as far as back as the 70’s are still standing and perform well today, making EPDM a highly durable flat roofing material. The recipe for the EPDM membrane has changed little over the years, customers today can expect the same extreme life spans from their EPDM roof. This rubber has been used extensively in domestic roofing in America for decades, and, as its reliability becomes more and more evident, leading UK roofing companies and customers are using it more and more.
EPDM is also used in commercial projects, and roofs installed in the 80’s are still covering McClaren, Nike and CocaCola factories and warehouses all over the world.

Although the basic formula for EPDM rubber has remained unchanged, there have been many innovations in ways of fitting the flat roofing. Seam tapes, for example, have made roofs easier and faster to fit, increasing productivity and lowering cost while maintaining and even extending the rubber roof’s durability.

EPDM rubber roof diagram

A diagram showing the layers of rubber flat roofing

What is rubber flat roofing?

EPDM rubber flat roofing is a single-ply, waterproof roofing method using a rubber consisting mainly of ethylene and propylene, derived from oil and natural gas. EPDM rubber is proven to resist hail, ozone, weathering and abrasion. It also easily withstands light footfall, if you need occasional access to your roof. EPDM rubber is used as the final layer, or the skin, of your roof. Placed over the insulating roof layer and vapour control layer, it protects your roof from damage caused by external elements.

As EPDM is effective in a wide-range of climates and appropriate for many different types of buildings, it is widely manufactured and relatively cheap to buy. It is made in a huge range of widths, from 7.5 feet for your garden shed to 50 feet. It is sold primarily in two thicknesses, 45mls and 60mls, depending on the climate and the requirements for durability. More recently, 90ml EPDM has begun to be sold, after 15 years of off-market testing. Confidence is so high in this grade of EPDM rubber that it already comes with a 30-year warranty.

Benefits of rubber roofing

  • Long-Lasting - 15 year warranty, 25 year life expectancy
  • Cost - effective
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible at low temperatures

Flat Roofing Guarantees

Material Just Flat Roofing Guarantee Technical product guarantee backed by supplier Guarantee period
Rubber (EPDM) 15 years
Felt 10 years
PVC 15-20 years
SIG Membrane 15-20 years
GRP 15-20 years
Liquid 15-20 years

For roofing materials not covered here please contact us.
Disclaimer: We install quality flat roofs that will last for years, our guarantee is offered in good faith and covers failure of materials or installation. Guarantees are invalidated by customer misuse or improper care. Just Flat Roofing will always give proper advice that will need to be followed for the guarantee to be valid in the event of an issue.

Just Flat Roofing – Rubber flat roofs

Although rubber flat roofing is a straightforward solution to your roofing needs, fitting it is not always straightforward. Poorly fitted flat roofing lacks weather-proofness and durability, leading to a leaky roof with a short life-span. At Just Flat Roofing we have tried and tested the various methods, during decades of experience delivering large-scale industrial projects and domestic roofing solutions across Liverpool, including Knowsley, Crosby and Speak. Different projects require different methods; EPDM can be fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted, either with liquid adhesive or seam tape. At Just Flat Roofing, we know what works where and when.

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