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Case Study: Felt Roof Replacement

A felt roof over 20 years old needed our help and we were happy to give it a new life, one that it deserved.

First of all, Felt Roofing refers to the use of roofing felt to underlay other building materials that separate the roof covering from the deck. This allows water to run off and essentially provide an extra layer of protection from any damages.

To ensure felt roofing is as effective and efficient as it can be, the process involves many layers of protection. For instance, chippings are added as the final layer on top of the felt as they protect the roof from sun damage. You can read more about Felt Roofing, following the link above.

In order to provide a cost effective solution for the damage felt roof, we decided an overlay system would be best rather than unnecessarily stripping up the old felt roof. The 500m2 was completed on a house in full wood park in Aigburth, Liverpool. It was an overlay mechanically fixed system that also used Armourplan, a polyester reinforced PVC membrane. You can learn more about Armourplan in our previous case study, the Orangery Roof Extension.

Felt Roofing project for a house in Aigburth, Liverpool

Felt Roofing Project in Liverpool

Felt Roofing provides many benefits:

  • Roofing felt can also act as a moisture barrier
  • Strong and Durable
  • Long Term Value
  • Minimal risk of condensation

It’s important to carry out maintenance checks on your flat roof regularly in order to determine any potential damages that evidently will not treat your roof well. Just Flat Roofing carry out many flat roof repairs, so if you’ve come across something you’re unsure of, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.