Liverpool docks cityscape at night

Welcome to Just Flat Roofing!

Welcome to our new flat roofing blog

We are a family run independent roofing company offering flat roofing installations and repairs across Liverpool & Merseyside, welcome to our blog. We are going to be posting helpful, interesting & entertaining articles on things related to flat roofing, Liverpool or both. Feel free to comment & send us your images and videos we are interested in your flat roofing opinions too.

We’ll be posting articles like these

  • Advice and tips for flat roof owners
  • Opinions about the roofing industry
  • Interesting flat roof projects
  • Liverpool roofing news
  • Anything amusing even remotely connected to roofing or Liverpool
  • Specialist Flat Roofers in Liverpool

    Our services:

    • Flat roof installation
    • Flat roof repair
    • Flat roof maintenance

    You can find out all abut our services and what we do, why not start from our home page.